Pack Your Storage Unit Efficiently


When you pack your household belongings into a storage unit or container, you can have a very hard time finding anything you may need if you don't take steps to prevent that from happening. The way you pack your items, the way you label the boxes and the way you put everything into the storage unit can make all the difference for how easy it is for you to find something in storage. The information below will educate you on some steps that can help you pack your unit efficiently.

Use boxes and plastic bins of the same size

If you can get boxes and bins that are the same size and shape, then it will be much easier for you to pack your storage unit in a uniform manner. The boxes and bins will sit nicely on each other and you won't run the risk of having some of them topple over. Also, if you are able to get boxes that have handle slots in the sides of them, then lifting them will be much easier.

Chart your items as you pack them

Try packing items that go together in the same box. As you pack each box in your house, write all the contents on a paper and put a number next to the contents for that box. This same number will go on the box in big and dark lettering. Put the number on all four sides so you can easily read it, no matter how the box gets placed into the storage unit.

If you use this charting system, you can make it even easier to find what you want by packing the storage unit making sure the boxes get packed in it according to their numbers. This way, you will know box 3 is at the front of the unit, box 30 will be toward the middle and box 75 will be toward the other side of the unit.

Any boxes that house a lot of miscellaneous items should have a picture taken of the contents. You can write miscellaneous on the chart with as much detail about the items as possible, such as kitchen junk drawers, etc. Tape the picture of the contents to the side of the box so you can quickly see what's inside of those miscellaneous boxes.

Pack your items in a uniform manner

Try to keep the boxes from each room together. Also, bubble wrap any large and fragile items. If you can't tell what it is once it's wrapped, you can also tape a picture of the item on the bubble wrap for future reference.

The boxes should go into the unit so they are stored in straight rows with enough space between each row for you to safely squeeze through. Also, put large items like furniture and appliances way in the back of the unit so they don't block in any of your boxes.

Packing and storing your items while using the advice here will help to make the entire experience much easier on you. Speak with a local storage rental service or click here for more info.


2 January 2016

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