Have Confidence In Your Storage Unit


Having to put your belongings in a storage unit can be nerve wracking, and you have every right to be nervous. These are your things, and they mean a lot to you. Whether you are storing your belongings because you are moving to a smaller place, or if you just need a temporary storage unit, it is important to get the best storage unit possible. The good news is that most of the storage units that are available today do a great job of providing a great place for your belongings. Here are three great reasons to get the best storage unit that you can find.

Burglar Proof

There are both outside units and inside storage units that can be purchased for rent. Each of these types of storage units are great for specific reasons. One thing that they both have in common is that they are almost completely burglar proof. Many outside storage units will have a large fence around the property, with razor wire around the top. The gate will also only allow those with belongings in the storage sheds to enter. The storage units that are inside are built to only have one or two exits. Both the indoor and outdoor units can utilize security cameras that make it very simple to secure you things. 

Pest Control

If you were to leave your things at a friends home, there is a good chance that it would end up in a pests stomach. A great advantage to keeping your things in a storage unit is that most of them are completely pest proof. They are pest proof for a few different reasons. First, they are well built and they do not allow for any pests to enter. Second, the manager of the complex will usually spray for different pests a few times a year. 

Weather Proof

Whether you get an inside or outside storage unit, you can count on it being whether proof. This does not obviously mean that it will be able to withstand a hurricane, but a normal storm a storage unit will have no problem with. This is a good attribute to have because many of the storage units are also climate monitored so you know that your things are not getting wet simply from condensation. Most of the storage units are going to have a raised platform to ensure that water does not come through, but they will also usually have a tin roof, that is impermeable to most of the elements. 

Check out the sites for storage businesses for more information on what type of unit is best for you.


25 April 2017

Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean

After we moved into a smaller home, we realized that a lot of our stuff would need to be moved into a storage unit. Unfortunately, after we moved things into our storage space, we realized that it was going to be pretty tough to keep clean. To keep our stuff from getting damaged, we decided to go through our unit, organize our things into boxes, and try hard to keep it organized. However, after a series of trials and errors, we were able to figure out a system that worked for us, and our unit is still clean. Check out this blog to learn more about tidying up your storage unit.