Understanding Self Storage Security Features


Not all security facilities have the same level of security, especially since not all facilities need the same security. Some facilities maintain a low cost and expect your to store fairly inexpensive, but still valuable belongings, while others cater specifically to high-value products. Other variables such as local crime rates, weather, and natural disasters can complicate the need for physical security or changes in foundation, but this brief overview of self storage security can help you understand what you need and how to verify the quality.

Basic Padlock Security

The most basic type of self storage facility is a shed facility that uses rolling or sliding doors. These sheds usually include a loop for customers to add their own padlocks, which puts a lot of the security responsibilities on the customer.

Some additional security can be added to shed storage facilities, but it isn't guaranteed. Opt for a facility that at least has a fence to control the number of people who can simply walk into the area. Even if your belongings aren't very expensive, you shouldn't allow your storage unit to be easy pickings for thieves simply walking onto the premises.

To increase security on your own, get a padlock that can't be found in local stores. If you can pick it up at a department store, a thief can do the same and practice on your lock's type. Consult a locksmith if you'd like to understand the more complex lock types for storage facilities.

Surveillance Options

If storage sheds aren't enough security for you, don't experiment with similar facilities. Opt for an indoor storage facility that at least has daytime/weekday employees, or a heavy duty outdoor storage unit with walled-in access.

Walls and indoor layouts allow for easier surveillance because there are fewer areas for thieves to blend in as casual passersby. If they're on the premises, they can be recorded and searched. Be sure to confirm the surveillance systems by standing in front of cameras at a specific date and time, then asking to see footage from that timestamp.

Security guards are necessary for the more expensive storage belongings, or if crime is higher in the storage unit's area. You don't need to inspect the guards too carefully unless you're specifically concerned about the team not paying attention, but visit at night once or twice a year to make sure that the guards are aware and patrolling occasionally.

Contact a self storage facility professional or go to website to discuss other security concerns as you look for a new storage unit.


17 August 2017

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