3 Tips For Long-Term Boat Storage


Storing your boat at the local dock is adequate when it's only being stored for a few weeks, but what if you need to store your boat for months or even years? Perhaps you are traveling out of the country, too busy with family responsibilities to attend to and use your boat right now, or simply live in a region where it's necessary to store your boat seasonally due to weather. Long-term boat storage must take into account protecting your boat from the elements and ensuring it will still run smoothly when you take it out of storage. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

1. Choose the Right Storage Option

In the short-term, parking your boat in your driveway, storing it at the dock, or taking up your home's garage space are viable options. In the long term, however, renting a storage unit is much more practical and convenient, and better for your boat as well. Research facilities in your area that allow boat storage and have storage units available that are large enough.

Look for a storage company with security features, including alarms, keycode access, and cameras. Drive-up access with plenty of clearance is also important. Finally, it's probably best to find a storage unit with climate control, to prevent your boat's components from becoming damaged due to harsh or extreme weather or temperatures.

2. Make any Needed Repairs

The better condition your boat is in when it enters storage, the better condition it will be when you take it back out. Before getting your boat ready for storage, take it out on the water one last time and note anything that seems not quite right, such as your boat being more sluggish to start than usual. Next, have your boat mechanic inspect your boat, letting them know anything unusual you've observed so they can make necessary repairs and perform an overall tune-up.

3. Prep for Storage

Finally, it's time to prep your boat for long-term storage. This typically involves draining and flushing the cooling system, lubricating any metal parts, and removing any leftover food and cleaning the refrigerator. Cover your boat with a canvas boat tarp without any holes or damage to keep it protected from dust and debris during the time it's in storage.

Finding the right long-term boat storage likePelahatchie Bay Mini Storage and following these tips will give you peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your boat is protected and secure no matter how long you intend to keep it in storage.


12 March 2018

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