How To Safely Store A Newspaper


If you are an avid reader of newspapers, but are short on time, you might be reluctant to get rid of the newspapers you have collected over the years. You may fear that there is a newspaper article you would like to read at some point, but will never be able to read it again once its gone. Storage units can be used to store all sorts of things, but should you use it to store your old newspapers?

Store in a Clean Location Without Moisture

Newspapers are best stored in a clean location. Anything dirty can easily stain and ruin your newspaper. For this reason, keeping a newspaper in a storage unit might be a better option than keeping it in your house where it is at risk of being stained. However, your newspapers are also vulnerable to moisture, so you will want to store your newspapers in a location that is climate controlled. 

Wherever you store your newspapers, make sure that they do not come in contact with anything that can cause damage to it. Newspapers are vulnerable to rubber bands, paper clips, glue, and adhesive tape. 

Keep the Newspaper Away from Light

One of the benefits of storing a newspaper in storage is that they will be exposed to less light. Newspapers are vulnerable to light and will fade over time. Keeping newspapers around your house will increase the risk that they will face prolonged exposure to sunlight and fade. 

Use Acid-Free Paper

The newsprint contains a lot of acids. For this reason, you will want to separate pages from each other using acid-free paper so each part of the newspaper is protected. Acid-free tissue is another alternative. It will not stop the spread of acid to the pages, but will limit the spread. 

Store in a Shallow Box

Newspapers are best stored in shallow and rigid boxes that can fit the newspaper without bending it. The box will protect your newspaper from pests and air. Also, the box needs to be acid-free. 

Place the Newspaper on Display

If you would like to put a newspaper on display, such as if there is a newspaper that is in good condition, place it in a glass display frame that is UV-resistant and that has an acid-free backing. When you do not have a place to display it, you can keep it in storage until you are ready to put it on a wall.


11 August 2018

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