4 Items That Can Benefit From Climate Controlled Storage


Need to move some items into a storage unit, but unsure if you should use a heated unit or not? You may be surprised at how many items can benefit from being in storage with climate controls keeping the humidity and temperature steady. Consider climate controlled storage options if you are putting the following items away in order to protect them.

Electronic Items

There is a reason that electronic items are shipped to stores with packets of silica gel inside. Those packets are designed to absorb moisture and prevent the item from being damaged. The fluctuation temperatures of a storage unit can also cause those small metal components to expand and contrast, which can also cause damage to them.

With so many metal components inside an electronic device, you may not want to risk the chance of it being affected by moisture in a storage unit without climate controls. Give yourself some peace of mind that your electronic items will not be damaged by choosing climate controlled storage.

Paper Items

Anything that is made out of paper has the potential to become damaged in a storage unit without climate controls. The paper will absorb the water as moisture levels increase, and then dry out when it gets hot. This can cause things like photographs to become ruined, with curling edges and paper that become brittle and breakable.

Leather Items

Have a leather couch or leather jacket that is going into storage? These items can benefit from being in a climate controlled unit if you do not want the leather to dry out and crack. You can try conditioning the leather prior to putting it into a regular storage unit, but you will need to come back and recondition the leather periodically. Is there a chance that you could forget to revisit the items in storage? If so, you will need a climate controlled storage unit to avoid cracking these leather items.

Musical Instruments

Many musical instruments — especially those made out of wood — have been finely crafted to help produce a very specific sound. Changing temperatures can cause the wood to expand and contrast, which will ruin the sound that the instrument produces. If you think you can free up space at home by storing that musical instrument away in storage, know that it may come out of storage not sounding the same unless you use a climate controlled unit.

In many cases, a heated storage unit can be the best fit for your unique storage situation. Contact your local storage company to see if they offer climate-controlled units for your use today.


4 June 2019

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