4 Things To Know About Self Storage For New Renters


Running out of space at home to store things and not sure what to do? You should consider using a self-storage unit as a way to free up some square footage. Here are some things you should know about self-storage before you decide to rent a unit. 

Storage Facilities Often Help With Moving In

If you are worried about how you are going to get everything to your new self-storage unit, know that many storage facilities can help you with the task of moving in. It is common to be able to use a moving truck that they own to help you with loading up everything that you plan on moving to self-storage. This helps people get over the barrier of not having a truck that's big enough or the additional cost of a truck rental when using self-storage. After all, it is a small thing to offer in order to get your business.

Storage Facilities Can Have Climate Controls

Looking to store something that is sensitive to temperature or humidity? You do not need to rent an outdoor unit that gets incredibly hot and humid in the summer. Look into renting a climate-controlled storage unit that will ensure that your belongings are not damaged by the weather. It will cost a little more money for a unit with climate controls, but it will give you peace of mind that everything inside the unit is safe. 

Storage Facilities Are Secure

If you're worried about the safety of the items that you are storing, know that many indoor storage facilities are very secure. It is common for only renters to have access to the building, limiting all of the foot traffic past your specific storage unit. There are also security cameras in place that show everyone entering and leaving the building. If someone is going to attempt to break into your storage unit, there will be plenty of security to deter them from doing so.

Storage Facilities Allow You To Upgrade

Worried about running out of space in a storage unit? Know that you will always have the option to upgrade to a larger unit if necessary. Storage facilities offer a lot of different sizes, and it is possible to rent the storage that is the exact size you need so that you do not pay extra. You can upgrade to a larger unit if the day comes where you are running out of space. 

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10 October 2019

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