3 Benefits of Using a Self-Storage Unit to Manage Your Household and Personal Belongings


If your home doesn't have a lot of storage space, and you have tools, sports equipment, and household furnishings you don't want to get rid of, then renting a self-storage unit is an option to consider. When you think about it, you may realize just how useful a storage unit can be. Here are three ways a self-storage unit helps your house stay organized and decluttered.

1. You Can Reclaim Your Garage

If your garage is so cluttered you can barely get your car inside, think how nice it would be to have all those boxes and tools safe and secure in a storage unit and waiting for when you need them. You'll have more room for your car, and you might even want to fix up the garage to use it as an exercise room or hobby shop. Whether you store boxes, tools, or lawn equipment in your garage, you can store them in a storage facility instead, especially if you don't need to use any of those belongings for weeks or months at a time.

2. Your House Is Easier to Keep Clean

If you have less clutter, you have fewer surfaces to dust and things to keep organized. Your house is easier to keep clean and stay ready for drop-in guests. Clutter can also attract insects and rodents since the clutter gives them places to hide and breed. Plus, clutter and pests could make your home take on a stale odor. Pack up all the things you don't use often, especially seasonal items, and place them in a storage unit so you don't have to work so hard to keep your home in order.

3. You Have More Closet Space

When you have a lot of belongings, you may shove things in the closet to get them out of sight. Before long, your closets are so crowded, you can't find anything. You might be able to transfer a lot of the things in your closets to a storage unit so you can easily find what you're looking for at home. That could make getting dressed less complicated and also help preserve your clothing and prevent wrinkles. You could even arrange your self-storage unit like a big closet and take in hanging rods and shelving units so you can find what you need in the unit if you decide you want to get something on the spur of the moment.

A self-storage unit helps you gain control of your belongings and prevents clutter by giving you a place to store things you use occasionally and don't want to part with. Learn more by contacting companies like Tysons Self Storage.


21 August 2020

Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean

After we moved into a smaller home, we realized that a lot of our stuff would need to be moved into a storage unit. Unfortunately, after we moved things into our storage space, we realized that it was going to be pretty tough to keep clean. To keep our stuff from getting damaged, we decided to go through our unit, organize our things into boxes, and try hard to keep it organized. However, after a series of trials and errors, we were able to figure out a system that worked for us, and our unit is still clean. Check out this blog to learn more about tidying up your storage unit.