3 Ways To Maximize Available Space With Pallet Racks And Industrial Shelving In Your Warehouse


In a warehouse, you want to ensure you are using all the available space you have most efficiently. If you have pallet racks and industrial shelving installed in your warehouse, there are steps you can take to ensure space is being used as effectively as possible.

Tighten Up Your Aisles

The aisles in your warehouse only need to be large enough to accommodate the equipment you use, such as forklifts and pallet moving machines, while abiding by local, state, and federal safety guidelines. If your pallets are spaced larger than the required amount to allow equipment to operate safely, it may be time to tighten up your aisles. Sticking to the minimum required distance between your pallets can help you gain back some space in your warehouse and may even allow you to add a row or two of extra shelving to your warehouse.

Use Safety Panels

Safety panels are designed to run across the back of each pallet. Safety panels are designed to increase the overall safety of works around your shelving and are designed to keep your products safe. Safety panels can also be a great way to see if you are using up all of your shelves' space. You can use safety panels to guide products all the way to the back of each shelf, opening more storage space and allowing you to use all of the space that you have efficiently.

Use Unconventional Spaces

Make sure you are using all of the space in your warehouse that you can use for storage. Are you using the space above your doors for storage? If not, you can install some overhead shelving above your doors. Are you using the space under your mezzanines for storage? You can generally get a few units of shelving under your mezzanines. Are you using all the corner space in your building?

Look around your warehouse with a critical eye to see if there are any spaces where you could be using as storage that you are not using already. Or have someone who is not familiar with your warehouse see if there are used areas. An outsider may be able to spot spaces you are not using more effectively than you can.

If you need more space in your warehouse, consider tightening up the aisle widths. Use safety panels so you can more accurately see if you have space on a shelf. Look around for unconventional spaces where you could place more racks. Adding more pallets and industrial shelving to your warehouse will help expand your storage capabilities.

For more information, contact an industrial shelving supplier.


31 March 2021

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