4 Things To Know About Self Storage For New Renters


Running out of space at home to store things and not sure what to do? You should consider using a self-storage unit as a way to free up some square footage. Here are some things you should know about self-storage before you decide to rent a unit.  Storage Facilities Often Help With Moving In If you are worried about how you are going to get everything to your new self-storage unit, know that many storage facilities can help you with the task of moving in.

10 October 2019

4 Items That Can Benefit From Climate Controlled Storage


Need to move some items into a storage unit, but unsure if you should use a heated unit or not? You may be surprised at how many items can benefit from being in storage with climate controls keeping the humidity and temperature steady. Consider climate controlled storage options if you are putting the following items away in order to protect them. Electronic Items There is a reason that electronic items are shipped to stores with packets of silica gel inside.

4 June 2019